Monday, January 9, 2012

Meal Plan 31

Happy New Year! I hope you ended 2011 on a high note. I had a great time celebrating my little sister's wedding and hanging out with family. But now that the holidays are behind us, it's time to get back on track. I will admit to a few too many cheats in late December. It's those darn home-made sweets dropped at my doorstep by our amazing neighborhood bakers that lured me in. Uurgh! I'm now one week into my own 21-day no-sugar detox. I'm not going by the book, but in addition to a super strict paleo diet, I've cut out all fruit (except lemon and lime), any processes or cured meats (e.g., bacon, sausage, ham), caffeine, honey, maple syrup, all other sweeteners, vinegar, and my beloved wine. You can check out my meal-by-meal progress on Facebook. If you want more specifics or are interested in a by-the-book detox, check out

During this three weeks of detox, I hope to boost my energy, firm up a bit, and curb my craving for sweets. I would love for you to join in and start the year off right! I'm happy to say that several of my pals at CrossFit Freedom and CrossFit Carbon have jumped on board! Marco, Mary, and Sarah, now that I've mentioned you here, you've GOT to stick with it! And Emilie and Darren, I'm just waiting to hear your start dates...

This week's meal plan is my first week of detox dinners. Totally tasty even if you aren't detoxing! Enjoy!

Shopping List for This Meal Plan

Pulled Pork Tostadas

Roasted Salmon with Red Onion and Fennel

Curried Pork and Pepper Soup

Smoked Paprika Chicken Thighs with Hazelnut Brussels

Seared Wild Tuna with Coconut-Ginger Cauliflower Rice


  1. This is my fav week so far! I am new to Paleo and have been loving cooking Paleo also. The Pork Curry is OUT OF THIS WORLD!


  2. Thanks, Kristie! I love curry, so anything with those spices tastes good to me. Glad you think so to. Thanks for letting me know. Good luck with paleo--I'm so happy for you! If you have any questions, feel free to post them on the Paleo Table Facebook page.