Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Treats

It's the holiday season and that means baking. For our first paleo Christmas, I've been spending a lot of quality time in the kitchen making some treats that I can actually indulge in. While all of these treats are delicious, remember that they are still treats, and can be very addictive. Try to exercise moderation...but if you're having a hard time with that, just give some away and make other people happy this holiday season!

I am known in the neighborhood for my granola, which I give away at the holidays. Not paleo, for sure--but super yummy. This year, I am also making molasses stars for some of our paleo friends. They are SO good! I made coconut macaroons this morning, and were they delicious! I highly recommend them for their taste and simplicity. The candied pecans are amazing and also very easy to make. A small bag of them would make a great hostess gift. And I had to include the pumpkin pie recipe again. It's a seasonal treat that is even better with the candied pecans on top. Give these a try--you won't be disappointed!

I hope you have an awesome Christmas and a great 2012!

Molasses Cookies with Creamy Cinnamon Frosting

Paleo Candied Pecans

Pumpkin Pie

Coconut Macaroons

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