Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shopping List 40

Meat and Poultry (organic, grass-fed, nitrate-free, etc.)
bacon - 6 slices
bratwurst - 4
Italian sausage, spicy - 1 pound
pork or beef ribs - 3 racks

Seafood (wild, sustainable)
shrimp - 24 large
white fish fillets - 4

eggs - 2

asparagus spears - 1 pound
broccoli - 1 bunch
butternut squash - 4 cups diced (buy prepackaged in the produce section or 1 large whole squash)
cabbage, purple or green - 1 large head
chives - 1 package (optional)
garlic, 1-2 heads
lemons - 2
onions, yellow - 2 medium
onion, red - 1 large
oregano leaves - 1 package
zucchini squash - 1 large

black pepper
caraway seeds
cayenne pepper, ground
celery seeds
chili powder
coriander, ground
cumin, ground
fennel seeds, whole or ground
garlic pepper seasoning (I use Aromatica Organics from Costco.)
garlic powder
onion powder
sea salt
smoked paprika

Packaged Goods*
barbecue sauce (I use Bone-Suckin' Sauce.)
chicken stock
foil pans, 2 large
green olives, pitted - 1 cup

Pantry Staples*
apple cider vinegar
coconut oil
dijon mustard
olive oil, extra light tasting
olive oil, extra virgin

*Buy local, organic whenever possible.


  1. I am new to the paleo lifestyle and I am so happy I found your site - there are so many other sites/blogs and etc that dont season and prepare food in a similar fashion to my own. I like your food choices, style of cooking and the fact that this makes me feel like this is doable for the long term.

    1. Hi, Shannon! I'm so glad you like Paleo Table. We're just normal people cooking normal food, and although since going paleo and starting my blog I have definitely experimented more and tried new foods (like kale and chard), I pretty much cook like I always did, just with all paleo ingredients. Thanks for the nice note--I love hearing from you. Best of luck on your paleo journey!

  2. I am just starting the paleo lifestyle for me and my husband. Thank you for the meal plans and shopping lists, as they seem very helpful.

    1. Congrats on starting on your road to a healthier way of life! Thank you for the nice note and best of luck to you and your husband on your paleo journey. I'm glad to be of help!