Friday, August 31, 2012

Meal Plan 43

Now that school is back in session, I have a bit more time to focus on my culinary endeavors...and that means more great recipes! This week's meal plan includes something I've never made before: smoked pulled lamb. Once I found a bone-in lamb shoulder, which was actually as easy as asking the butcher at our local grocery store, the preparation was easy. I used the lamb in two tasty meals this week. If you can't find a lamb shoulder, you could use the same cut of pork. And if you don't have a smoker, simply used the overnight pulled pork recipe to prepare your meat. If my experience is typical, you will get a lot more meat from a pork shoulder than from a lamb shoulder.

The quickest and possibly my favorite recipe of the week is the fish tacos with lime-cilantro crema. I used Pure Wraps for the shell, but you could also use lettuce wraps or tostada shells. You can order Pure Wraps via the link on the sidebar. They come in handy and have a long shelf life so they're great to keep around. If you are a liver fan, give the liver with onions, apricots, and bacon a try. Alex and Dave enjoyed it for dinner and for breakfast topped with a couple of eggs. Me? Still not a convert...but I'm trying!

There's a lot of buzz about 30-day paleo challenges going on lately. Many of my recipes are Whole 30 compliant, but next week I'll post a meal plan with some of the quickest and easiest recipes to help kickstart your success!

Enjoy your week!

Shopping List for This Meal Plan

Fish Tacos with Lime-Cilantro Crema

Smoked Pulled Lamb with Watermelon Balsamic

Paleo Moussaka

Orange Chicken with Shredded Beets

Liver with Onions, Apricots, and Bacon

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