Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shopping List 36

Meat and Poultry (organic, grass-fed, etc.)
pork butt roast (as large as will fit in your crock pot)
1 pound nitrate-free bacon
2 pounds beef tenderloin tips
4 bone-in, skin-on chicken breasts
1 boneless or bone-in turkey breast
2 pounds grass-fed ground beef

pastured butter
1 dozen eggs

3-4 pounds onions
16 ounces mushrooms
1 acorn squash
1 bunch fresh rosemary
1 cup fresh cranberries
1 bunch broccoli
1 bunch carrots
1-2 tomatoes
1-2 avocados
1 bunch green onions
1 head garlic
1 large container fresh spinach
3-4 sweet potatoes or yams
1 butternut squash

sea salt
freshly ground black pepper
liquid smoke
garlic powder
red pepper flakes

Packaged Goods*
hot sauce (I like Frank's Original)
St. Dalfour ginger and orange marmalade
sun-dried tomatoes (sulfite-free)
banana peppers
roasted red peppers (or use fresh and roast on your own)
green olives with pimentos

Pantry Staples*
coconut oil
extra virgin olive oil
dijon mustard
grainy dijon mustard
raw honey
2 cups almond flour
apple cider vinegar
balsamic vinegar
arrowroot powder

*Buy local, organic whenever possible.


  1. How many servings is this shopping list intended to make? We often take leftovers for lunch the next day and I am curious if I need to adjust the amounts on the shopping list.

    1. My recipes typically serve 4 adults, however, this week you will have a lot of leftovers with the pulled pork, pulled turkey, and burgers. You should have plenty of meat for lunches. You'll probably just need some more veggies.