Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sauteed Snapper with Orange-Fennel Salad

This snapper was great, but when I went to buy it, I remembered why we don't have it very often. It is absolutely delicious, but pricey. Feel free to substitute your favorite fish or what's on sale. And, in general, try to choose a wild option rather than farmed. Try to get juicy, flavorful oranges. It makes all the difference in flavor. The rosemary adds a little zip to the salad, which is otherwise very mild. If you don't like rosemary, substitute with a herb you have on hand, or leave it out.

2 oranges
1 medium fennel bulb with stalks
2 Tbsp olive oil, divided
4 6 oz yellowtail snapper fillets (or another firm fish)
1 tsp fresh thyme leaves
1 tsp fresh rosemary or your favorite herb (optional)


  1. Peel and section oranges over a bowl, reserving 2 Tbsp juice.
  2. Thinly slice fennel bulb (by hand or with a mandoline); chop 1 tsp fronds. Discard stalks.
  3. Place orange sections and sliced fennel in a medium bowl.
  4. Combine reserved juice, fronds, 1 Tbsp olive oil, 1/4 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper in a small bowl, stirring with a whisk.
  5. Drizzle juice mixture over fennel mixture; toss well to coat.
  6. Heat remaining 1 Tbsp olive oil in a large pan or griddle over medium-high heat.
  7. Sprinkle fish evenly with remaining salt, pepper, and thyme.
  8. Add fish to pan; cook 4 minutes on each side or until desired degree of doneness. Serve with fennel salad.

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