Thursday, November 15, 2012


I have a lot to be thankful for: my awesome husband and children, the rest of my family and friends, our health, and our overall lack of major worries (although Dave would claim that he has enough worries for the both of us). In addition to reflecting on what I am thankful for, I am thinking about Thanksgiving dinner. I thought I'd post the foods that I am preparing for our dinner next week. Every recipe can be prepared in advance, making your turkey day a whole lot more relaxing!

This year, as in years past, my mom and I will take care of most of the main course foods, while the rest of my family contributes appetizers, desserts, and salad. I'm not one of those people who can say, "Just bring whatever." Neither is my mom. We get together in October, go over notes from last year, determine our menu, and then make our specific requests of those who are joining us. Thanksgiving is also a day I indulge in one of my favorite sides: my mom's whipped potatoes. They are not paleo since they include some dairy, BUT they are the best darn potatoes I have ever had. And I'm never sorry for eating them. If you can tolerate dairy, they are SO worth it!

I just received my turkey delivery today from Door to Door Organics. It will take a week to thaw so it will live in the refrigerator until I prep it on Wednesday. I may post a turkey recipe later, but for now, here's a link to the basic instructions I use to  cook a perfect turkey: howtocookathanksgivingturkey.

I hope to update my photos this year, but today you'll have to imagine that these photos are actually really good :). Have a joyful week!

Shopping List for This Meal Plan

Chorizo Stuffed Dates Wrapped In Bacon

Mandarin Orange Salad

Cranberry Sauce (coming soon)

Baked Whipped Potatoes

Paleo Sausage Stuffing

Pumpkin Pie


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