Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eating Out

It seems like most people living the paleo lifestyle tend to eat at home more often. We do the same, although we average a dinner out at least once a week. My last couple of restaurant meals have been great. Last night, one of the specials at Lovell's in Lake Forest was blackened salmon on a bed of asparagus, topped with a chunky avocado and tomato mixture. Yum--and totally paleo! Last week at Tavern in Libertyville, I enjoyed their baby rack of lamb with a side of mushrooms. At both meals, I had mixed berries for dessert. (I cheated with a little whipped cream on top, but didn't feel too bad about it since I passed up the molten chocolate cake!)

I can usually find at least one paleo-friendly menu item wherever we go. I do try to stay away from steak when we eat out since it is almost always corn-fed, plus, we are spoiled at home with such awesome meats from Wallace Farms. Sticking to the simple paleo guidelines enables me to eat a meal and not have to go home and immediately crash out because I'm so full.

I'm working on next week's menu and will try to post it earlier and with an easier interface. And soon I plan to recreate that salmon meal I just mentioned. It was too good not to make at home!

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