Saturday, January 1, 2011

Beef Pot Roast with Yams

This is actually one of the first recipes I posted on Paleo Table. It is still one of my favorites! It is simple to put together, taking only about 15 minutes in the morning. At dinner time, we have a delicious, tender roast that is comfort food at its best. Give it a try. This is destined to become one of your favorites, too!

Adapted from JensGonePaleo.

Serves 3-4.

4 bacon strips, sliced into 1" pieces
2 pounds boneless beef chuck roast
2 pounds yams, peeled and cut into large pieces (you can also substitute carrots or squash)
16-oz jar of salsa
1 cup chicken stock or water
1 Tbsp sea salt
1 Tbsp black pepper

You can use a crock pot or a dutch oven for this recipe; I used a crockpot. If using a dutch oven, steps 1 through 6 can be done in the dutch oven, then covered and transferred to a preheated 325°F for approximately 4.5 hours.
Place browned roast on top of yams, then
cover with salsa and stock or water.
  1. In a large skillet over medium heat, add bacon and cook about half way.
  2. Season the roast with salt and pepper. Add the roast to the heated skillet with the bacon and brown, about 5 minutes. Turn the roast over and brown the other side, another 5 minutes. Remove skillet from heat.
  3. Use tongs to remove the roast from the skillet and transfer to crock pot. Add yams to the skillet and toss in bacon fat until they are coated.
  4. Transfer yams and bacon bits to the crock pot, lifting roast to set on top of the yams.
  5. Top the roast with salsa and stock (or water).
  6. Cook in crock pot on low for 9 hours or until roast is fork tender and easily pulls apart. (Cooking time will vary depending on the size of your roast and crock pot temperature.)
  7. Using a slotted spoon, transfer roast and yams to a serving platter or plates. Garnish with the reserved salsa.
NOTE: Yams will be very soft, I usually fork mash them prior to eating. If you prefer firmer yams, add them to the crock pot half way through the cook time.


  1. Awesome recipe! My husband and I loved this beef pot roast. I didn't have bacon on hand :( but I made it without and it was still fantastic! Thanks for a great recipe. This is a keeper with us!

    1. Oh, Ginger, I'm so glad you liked this one! It is one of the first paleo recipes I tried and the first recipe I had ever used for pot roast. We love this meal in our house, too. I bet you'll like it even more with the bacon. :) Thanks for the nice comments!

  2. This is so good, and I agree it is the perfect comfort food! And I'm loving using a crock pot for all the meat and veggie cooking that paleo requires, I've been paleo now for 2 weeks!! so I'll be trying a lot more recipes on here! I was wondering though... I added the bacon into the crock pot and I'm not sure if I was supposed to do that? It turned out all mushy, but I think the flavors blended in with the beef.

    1. Thanks, Torey! Sounds like things are going well on your paleo journey! Congrats! Yes, you add the bacon to the crock pot, but the pieces should be so small by the time you add them, you shouldn't experience any real texture issues. Maybe try cutting the bacon a little smaller next time and see if that helps.

  3. Hi, I am brand new to the paleo diet and was wondering what fat you use for the yams. This will be the first recipe I will be trying. Thanks. Lisa

    1. Hi, Lisa! Welcome to paleo. By "fat," I am referring to the bacon fat that is rendered when you cook the bacon. I'll update the recipe to clarify. I'd love to hear how you like this meal. Thanks for posting and good luck on your paleo journey!

  4. Hi Pam... I just signed up to receive your recipes via e-mail at
    I am a chef and restaurant owner and my restaurant is located next to a CROSSFIT GYM. The gym owner is asking me to create a PALEO menu of prepared meals for his members to purchase. I am a great chef and very creative with food. Can you please help me with the do's and dont's of the PALEO diet? What types of proteins, fruits, and vegis are allowed? What spices, seasonings, and sweeteners can I use? Can you provide me with some basic guidelines?